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Embodied Synonyms, Embodied Antonyms | Thesaurus
The very spirit of harmony is embodied in the proportions of the Parthenon. Here before her, embodied in this man, stood all that she had wanted and never had.
Visions of the Body: Embodied Simulation and Aesthetic ...
This essay addresses the questions raised by the distinctly human trait of creating images. For instance, why do humans create images and what are their features that make them special? How are image making and the uses of images related? What is the
(PDF) Embodied Stances: Realism without Literalism ...
A new draft with a tweaked title! Embodied Stances: Realism without Literalism Rebecca Kukla, Georgetown University Daniel Dennett’s work on the ‘intentional stance’ had a seismic effect on philosophy of mind in the late 20th century.
About Strozzi Institute | Embodied Leadership
With 45 years of development and experience, we have fine tuned a unique and powerful methodology that produces sustained change, reliably. SI Somatics teaches the “how” in actualizing the best leadership and coaching ideas, theories and intentions – not just for individuals, but for coaches, teams and companies around the world.
Energy use in the life cycle of conventional and low ...
The sum of both operating and embodied energy, which virtually amounts to the total life cycle energy (except for ca. 1% used for erection, demolition and transportation as mentioned above), was calculated and normalized in kWh m 2 year for each case. The results are shown in Fig. 1, Fig. 2, where the cases have been sorted in ascending order of their normalized total energy.
Spectral signature
Spectral signature is the variation of reflectance or emittance of a material with respect to wavelengths (i.e., reflectance emittance as a function of wavelength). The spectral signature of stars indicates the composition of the stellar atmosphere.The spectral signature of an object is a function of the incidental EM wavelength and material interaction with that section of the electromagnetic ...
SCP 910 SCP Foundation
SYSTEM NOTICE: Overseer 6, 5 items require your attention. Item #: SCP 910 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: One instance of SCP 910 is to be stored within Site 01's Critical Information Storage Unit. Personnel with Level 4 Clearance and access to Project PEARBLOSSOM 11 may request supervised viewings of the CISU held copy of SCP 910.
How much energy does it take (on average) to produce 1 ...
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SCP 3983 SCP Foundation
Investigation is currently underway to determine the significance of these events.A sortie to establish meaningful contact with SCP 3899 has been initiated to determine the extent of its involvement.
Hugh Hefner, Who Built the Playboy Empire and Embodied It ...
Hugh Hefner, who created Playboy magazine and spun it into a media and entertainment industry giant — all the while, as its very public avatar, squiring attractive young women (and sometimes ...

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